The Old Gordon Road Cemetery, Brentwood NH
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Maine Highland Games - with The House Of Gordon!!
Gordon Hill Cemetery, Exeter NH (Gordon, Graves, Sanborn, Barstow, Bartlett, Magoun, and Perkins)
Nathaniel Gordon, (not related to us) Maine native, from Portland - hung in 1862 as a slave trader.
2007 Exeter NH Gordon Reunion
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Exeter Cemetery and the Winter Street Burial Ground in Exeter
The Gordon family cemetery on Peach Orchard Road (aka "Poor Farm" or "Gordon Road") in Lyman, Maine.
Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, and Lyman Maine
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The Kirk of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen Scotland - where Alexander was christened 400 years ago.
G.W. Emmons's Medal of Honor
Nathaniel Gordon (#314) and his home in Exeter.
The Old Gordon Road Cemetery, Brentwood NH
New Hampton, New Hampshire
The Gordons of Central Maine
Salem (and some Exeter) New Hampshire Stones.
Ladd-Gordon Cemetery, Epping NH
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Laurel Hill Cemetery, Saco, Maine.
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"Stranger," the Confederate grave in a small Maine town.
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Bradford Burial Ground, Bradford, MA
The Old Gordon Road Cemetery

A passer-by told me this cemetery is never visited, she'd never
seen a car before mine or a even a flag on the veteran's grave.
Scroll down for the inscriptions, and you'll see there's a Gorden
in our family tree!


Mary, d. 1825

Capt. Thomas d. 1819

Scribner, d. 1817

Anna Gordon, d. 1864

Ephrain Gordon, d. 1829

Winthrop, d. 1862

Old Gordon Road Cemetery, Brentwood, NH
(New street sign says "Ole")
Thomas S Gordon
Dec 3 1853 March 7 1908
Levi L son of Lewis B & Mary L Gordon
d. Aug 22 1854 a 17 yrs
Abigail M dau. of Capt Lewis B Gordon
d Sept 27 1849 a 19 yrs
Hannah R dau. of Capt Lewis B Gordon
d Apr 2 1849 a 4 yrs
Lewis B Gordon [235]
d July 6 1880 a 65 years
Mary L wife of Lewis B Gordon
d Nov 20 1888 a 75 yrs
Lovey Gordon
May 19 1813 Jan 3 1896 [dau. of 95]
Sally w. of Winthrop Gordon
d July 31 1872 a 90 yrs
Winthrop Gordon [95]
d Dec 28 1862 a 86 yrs
D.G. died Nov 24 1807 [first son of 93 Daniel, born June 1795]
(just a crude fieldstone)
Scribner Gordon [37]
d Mar 12 1817 a 72
Hannah widow of Scribner Gordon
d Aug 23 1839 a 93 yrs
Ephrain Gordon  [92]
d Dec 9 1819 a 48
Anna widow of Ephrain
d Sept 18 1864 age 80
In memory of Capt Thomas Gorden [36] who died
July 28 1819 in the 78 year of his age
Mrs Mary wife of Capt Thomas Gorden
June 29 1825
Hannah M Gordon [dau. of 228] wife of William B Brown
d May 19 1873 20y 6m
Simon Gordon [228]
Jan 17 1815 Oct 1902
Ephraim Gordon [470]
Sept 26 1849 Sept 1 1899
Untended, many fallen stones, unmarked graves, and blank field stones.
Capt. Thomas Gordon was in the Continental Army. [per DAR records]
Marian Otis, in her marvelous work "Alexander Gordon and his Descendants" (available from Picton Press) says this graveyard is "one mile west of the Gordon  Homestead."
Also in this graveyard are stones for Averill, Leavit, and Flanders.