The Gordon family cemetery on Peach Orchard Road (aka "Poor Farm" or "Gordon Road") in Lyman, Maine.

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The Gordon family cemetery on Peach Orchard Road (aka "Poor Farm" or "Gordon Road") in Lyman, Maine.
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Henry Gordon, of the Peach Orchard Farm in Lyman
Henry (#432) is the son of Thomas (#195)

This small cemetery is on a knoll about a half-mile in on the right up the old Peach Orchard Road by the Lyman Elementary School.
The oldest readable marker is for Rebecca (Hooper) Gordon, wife of Thomas (#195) who died in 1845. Thomas might be the stone to her right. Marion Otis, in AGD, says Lewis (#196) and his wife Sarah (Small) Gordon are buried "on the farm where they lived at Lyman," so my great-great grandparents may be here too.
It is neglected, but not forgotten, as a new flag has been placed in the holder by old Henry (#432) Gordon's marker. Henry served during the Civil War in the 27th Maine Volunteers with his first cousin (my great grandfather) George Washington Gordon (#434).
There are at least three very old fieldstone markers here.
I did some light clean up and removed some fallen limbs on my August 5th, '06 visit to this cemetery. Return worktrips in May of  '08 and March '12 turned up a pile of foot stones and the farm's cellar hole.


Henry Gordon
Co I, 27th Maine Volunteers

Henrietta and Charles

Small stone, a footstone? Faintly says C.M.G.



Rebecca Hooper

Andrew, son of Thomas and Rebecca Gordon
d. 28, Sept 1813

A.H. Gordon
"ALDEN" carved strongly on reverse

Fred G Banks

Henry "Father", d. 6 Apr 1889, aged 62 yrs
Sarah T., wife of Henry Gordon, dau. of the late Rev. Eaton Mason, formerly of Sweden, Me. d. 5 June 1863, aged 32 yrs. 3 das
George W., son of Henry and Sarah Gordon, d. 21 Dec 1862, aged 9 yrs 10 mos
Carrie M., dau. of Henry and Sarah Gordon, d. 9 Dec 1862, aged 7 yrs 3 mos
Henrietta A., dau. of Henry and Sarah Gordon, d. 12 Dec 1862, aged 6 yrs
Charles E., son of Henry and Sarah Gordon, d. 15 Dec 1862, aged 4 yrs 7 mos
Howard D., son of Henry and Sarah Gordon, d 29 Aug 1882, aged 22 yrs.
Willis M., son of Henry and Sarah, 21 May 1863 - 25 Jan 1884, 21 yrs
Rebecca Hooper, wife of Thomas Gordon, d. 27 Feb 1845, aged 40 yrs
Andrew, son of Thomas and Rebecca Gordon, d. 28 sept 1813, aged 6 yrs 10 mos
A.H.Gordon, son of Henry and Abbie A. Gordon, 18 1865 - 24 July 1884 19 yrs
[ALDEN on reverse of stone]
Fred G. Banks, son of Fred F. and Alice G. Banks, 13 May 1895 - 10 May 1896
There are several field stone markers here, I have suspicions as to who else might be buried here, but we'll probably never know.
Tragic stories often come to light when reading gravestones. Henry and his pregnant wife Sarah lost four young children in two weeks of December 1862. In May Sarah gave birth to Willis on the 21st, and passed away herself  shortly thereafter. In less than six months Henry had buried four children and his wife.

One of three or four fieldstone markers standing.

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