"Stranger," the Confederate grave in a small Maine town.

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"Stranger," the Confederate grave in a small Maine town.
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A Soldier of the Late war.
Died 1862.
Erected by the Ladies of Gray.

In 1862 a family in Gray received a coffin containing what they thought were the remains of their fallen son, a Union soldier who fell in the battle of Cedar Mountain. Wishing to view their boy one last time, they opened the casket.
Inside lay the body of a man they did not recognize, dressed in a grey Confederate uniform.
The ladies of Gray saw fit to provide this Stranger with a proper burial and headstone. This unknown soldier, at rest so very far from his home, is still remembered in a respectful manner today. The family later recovered their own son's remains, and he was buried nearby.

He's not the only Confederate laid to rest in Maine!